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Our company, founded in 2011, offers you more than 15 years of experience in the relatively young sector of mobile network planning. Since the establishment of the GSM network, the industry has developed rapidly. Having participated in the development of the UMTS and LTE networks, we are already looking forward to the new challenges of the next generation in the field of mobile communications. 5G can come!


Site planning for all mobile operators in the German market in compliance with the specific planning standards are exactly our field of expertise. Design, execution and inventory planning for poles and rooftops, special structures, such as wind turbines, silos or power poles using CAD-based software and static calculations by engineers. We are committed to the customer's desire for cost effectiveness, design and technical benefit.

1. Technical Inspection

At the beginning of the project planning there is the technical site inspection. We take a look at all local conditions. So that nothing escapes us, we climb already once in lofty heights.

2. Design Planning

The design planning of the mobile radio site serves the purpose of coordination with all parties involved. Together, we discuss the specifications, requirements and other key aspects of the project.

3. Approval Procedures

We manage your projects through the approval stage. At any time, we assist with advice and take over the most important tasks for you, so nothing stands in the way of your successful project.

4. Execution planning

The execution planning includes construction drawings and parts lists. The CAD drawings are created by incorporating our years of experience in steel construction.

5. Static Calculation

The static calculations that we make in the next step ensure the load-bearing capacity of the construction and also the parts of the exisiting building that are influenced by the new construction . Again, we use a professional software.

6. Inventory Planning

Once set up, inventory planning takes place, which is also known as the "as-built drawing". In this step, the project is displayed in a built-up state.

7. Documentation

After the successful acceptance of our clients at the site, the final documentation of the project takes place. The process leads from the contract conclusion with the landlord / owner over the construction site inspection and planning up to the final documentation.

8. Inventory Surveys

Inventory surveys, whether at a roof location or a pole location, include a detailed on-site survey to prepare and present the current status of a site.

Construction Management

We are also happy to support mobile operators and their general contractors in project management and construction management through our external help. Just call us or send us a message via the contact form.

Our Skills

Years of experience in mobile network planning Planning of over 1500 mobile radio sites Design drawings and static calculations from a single source Competence in GSM, UMTS, LTE 5G-Ready Climbing authorization with personal protective equipment


In cooperation with all major mobile network operators and their general contractors, we have already planned more than 1,500 mobile network sites throughout Germany. Below you will find a selection of pictures that have been taken during our years of activity.

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